This man saved 2,400,000 people’s lives

James Christopher Harrison, born 1936, is known as the man with the golden arm after his blood donations have saved an estimated 2,400,00 people.

At just the age of just 14, he was taken into hospital for major chest surgery, during which he required 14 litres of blood from another donor. He had to stay in the hospital for 3 months.

After surgery and realising that the blood donated to him saved his life, he pledged to pay the favour forward.

Once he’d donated his blood a few times, it was discovered that his blood contained an unusually strong antibody called Rho(D) Immune Globulin.

It was so rare that his life was insured for $1 million.

Over 1000 donations later, his efforts have saved over 2,400,000 babies from dying from Rhesus disease.

Does this make your life achievements pale into insignificance?