An Instagram Tour of Secret North Korea

Somehow, with enough money and certain connections, you can visit the well guarded North Korea. For the rest of us however, one guy bravely took photos to show the rest of the world! Taylor Pemberton from America (and Instagram) spent just four days in NK (Pyongyang to be exact) on a tour bus with other people. As scary as it would have been, seeing these photos are worth it! He was continuously monitored by his tour guides and NK enforcers and was not allowed outside of his given hotel room without guidance.

Taylor states “My cameras, memory cards, and phones were screened on entry”…”You are told when to wake up, when meals are available, and when your day is coming to an end,”…”You’re also strictly informed when it’s OK/not OK to take photos.”….”Each night you’re granted ‘leisure time’ but you’re limited to roaming inside your hotel that’s strategically placed on an island.”.

He also mentioned that on arrival of North Korea, communication devices and papered items such as newspapers and news reports are confiscated, along with literature and art.

Volleyball in Kim Il-Sung square. #contrateur

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