Here’s What Happens When You Give a Girl Your Sunglasses

When you meet a girl, you don’t expect her to be a thief, but that is basically what happened when a guy called Alex met a girl called Anna. Alex had been chatting to Anna for a couple weeks when they decided to meet, they went to a local bar with some friends and it was sunny out. Once they got to the bar, Alex asked Anna if she could hold his sunglasses in her back whilst they were indoors. This was the start of the biggest self-convo in the world!

Anna left the bar without telling Alex and he completely forgot that he’d left his sunglasses in her possession! He then began to send her a lot, and I mean a lot of text! Here’s how it went:

And then the unexpected happened!

Could it have a happy ending? Well we’ll only have to wait and see! At least there’s a possibility for Ale to get his sunglasses back!