17 Fast Food Items You Should Never Order

Oh, sweet, sweet fast food. “Fast” food is literally the best thing on earth because you can have a filling (although unhealthy) meal in an instant. We don’t really care much about what goes in it or how it’s done– unless cleanliness or food safety becomes an issue. Here are 17 accounts from fast food workers who opened up about what items you should never order from a chain. [x]

1. Chicken and corndogs from Sonic

“Sonic- Its actually a really clean place, ice machine cleaned daily, oil replaced daily. Our burgers seem to be good quality, we grill them and put them in bins, if they’ve been sitting for like 30 mins we just threw them out. The chicken on the other hand well, first of all- Isn’t real true chicken; and it sits for much longer b/c of lack of orders and lack of stocked up chicken in general. All the fries and popcorn chicken are prepared well, the only thing along those lines is the corndogs; you could certainly get one that really isn’t fresh. Our hotdogs are prepared on one of the roller things and you wont get one that has been sitting for more than 20 mins b/c they just burn up.”