15 Things People Who Have a Big Family Will Understand

There are lots of different kinds of families in the world, big ones, small ones, close ones, far ones… but nothing beats a the great huge ones! Here is a list of 15 things everyone with a big family will understand! I can guarantee that you will relate to them!

1. When someone ate the last piece of bread that you planned to have for breakfast

2. When there is a massive queue for the toilet and you’ve just gotta go!

3. When your sister leaves the bath tub fully of hairs

4. When there is a TV show on is on and everyone but you wants to watch it

5. But when your favourite TV show starts, everyone starts talking loudly

6. When you have guests over and your house is so full

7. Calling shotgun in the car is near impossible and basically turns into The Hunger Games

8. When family meals take approximately 263 hours to cook because there is just so many people to feed

9. When the only peace you can get is in the shower

10. Finding the right hiding places to hid your favourite foods

11. There is no such thing as peace and quiet

12. The daunting task of finding your clothes in the laundry pile

13. When every family member has a different name to their actual name

14. When you meet new family members ever Christmas get-together

15. But nothing can beat the feeling of being home alone