15 Reasons Woman Live Longer Than Men

And here it is…. 15 reasons why woman live longer than men. Not scientifically, but in theory, by looking at these pictures! You get the idea. You wouldn’t catch us┬ádoing any of the following, believe us! Brave, brave men.

1. Extreme Window Cleaning

I’d rather have that dust on my window than climb that high up!

2. Hungry Summer Lads

Even we can’t resist a melting┬ácheese toasty

3. Safety First Electricians

Easy done lads, easy done!

4. Fitness First Yeah?

I can see this ending very well, said no one, ever!

5. Moving house?

“We gotcha bro, we gotcha!!”

6. How to paint a ceiling

How to be a master at painting.

7. Addicted to the smoke

Okay, this is just plain stupid! That beard will go up in flames!

8. Mid-day break

Who’s got the flask of tea lads?

9. Just a little longer

His arms must have been aching, got help our fellas!

10. Hurry up man!

You can just see his facial expressions… hurry man! I can see this ending well… NOT.

11. Have you seen that episode of Modern Family where….

No words.

12. Stay Hydrated!

13. Balancing lad!

14. The Wanna-be electrician

15. iPhone recovery service