10 Suicide Squad & Deadpool GIFs We Can All Relate To

In light of the two most highly anticipated movie releases of this century by super hero and comic book fans, alike we present to you 10 totally awesome Suicide Squad & Deadpool GIFs that every single on of us can relate to. If you’ve got some more, send them out way as we’d love to see them!

Check out the trailer for Deadpool below!


1. When your significant other leaves hairs in the bath tub when you need to get ready.

2. The moment when you’ve just gotta let a fart go and there is no stopping it…

3. …And you’ve got that catchy song in your head you heard on the radio 2142 years ago.

4. When the vodka is over 40% on a Friday night and you can feel it working!

5. When all you want is some peace and quiet.

6. You look in the mirror and think, “Damn! You’re FINE”.

7. When your boss asked who used all of the printer ink…

8. …but really it was you.

9. The moment you realise you can’t find your phone. ANYWHERE….. oh wait, it’s in my pocket.

10. When Suicide Squad and Deadpool finally get released.