10 Artist Impressions of the 3 Year Old Refugee

All over the news this summer is the headlines of Refugees escaping from Syria and surrounding locations due to war, poverty and terrible living conditions. On the 2nd of September 2015, a photo revealed a three year old boy laying dead on the sand of the Turkish Sea. This photo sent shockwaves across the world along with a powerful wake up call as to what really was happening around our world’s neighbouring land. As a memorial, here are 10 beautiful artist impressions of that same 3 year old boy. Peace be with you little one.

1. This is how his story should have ended…

2. We are losing ourselves as humans and the people will die around the borders

3. Hell is the reality we live in

4. God be with you, Little Angel. The death of a tragic Syrian Toddler Aylan by Gunduz Aghayev

5. Just Sleeping

6. I hope humanity finds a cure for visas

7. Sleep my child

8. Humanity washed ashore

9. From Embrace of Syria to Drowning in the Sea Turkey

10. Humanity Slipping Away…